PRovoke EMEA Summit will seek to generate inspiring discussions on the future of marketing and communications, featuring next level speakers from the corporate and agency worlds.

23 March, 2023 (CET)


09:00 - 09:10
Welcome & Introduction
09:10 - 10:05
Unlocking the Game-Changing Power of Communications Keynote
Coming off a tumultuous three-year period that saw a global pandemic, social upheaval, a reassessment of how we work, and the threat of global conflict, the operating environment for companies and brands is more complex than ever. This means a challenging environment for communicators, but also an opportunity to make a tangible difference for clients and their audiences. This discussion will examine the elevated possibilities for the future of public relations in a world where trust, credibility and reputation are all at a premium — and how communicators can ensure that they can provide lasting value during an era of accelerated transformation.
10:05 - 10:40
Strategy - Unleashing Communications as a Business Essential

Business leaders have never had to navigate a more complex and demanding environment. And communications can act as a vital driver of success for companies in the world.

To unleash the full potential of communications to drive business success, we need to underpin communication excellence with rigorous strategic thinking. Strategy is the most misused word in our industry, but this discussion will focus on how strategy elevates communications' contribution from excellence to essential.

10:40 - 11:00
Digital PR: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
11:00 - 11:25
Networking Coffee Break
11:25 - 12:10
Governing Complexity in Time Of Uncertainty
With uncertainty turning into a new paradigm and conflictive scenarios marking the landscape from social, economic and geopolitical perspectives, corporate advisors need to improve their ability to decrypt an increasingly complex reality for the sake of their clients.

How to engage stakeholders turning them into corporate advocates and how to develop professional PR talents are the challenges the industry is called to tackle pairing global vision with local sensitivity. All this will be at the heart of the panel discussion.
SEC Newgate
12:10 - 12:40
The Disinformation War
Since Russia invaded Ukraine 13 months ago, combating Russian misinformation and disinformation has been a key battleground of the war. This session will look at how the fight against misinformation and disinformation has evolved, and how the business and communications communities can continue to play their part in supporting Ukraine, with insights from Adrian Monck, former managing director and head of public and social engagement at the World Economic Forum; Shayoni Lynn, founder of behavioural science communications agency Lynn, whose Misinformation Cell created a toolkit to help counter propaganda narratives soon after the invasion; and David Gallagher, co-chair of the Ukraine Communications Support Network.
12:40 - 12:45
Closing Remarks
12:45 - 14:00
Lunch + IN2 SABRE Awards Presentation

23 March, 2023 (CET)


18:15 - 19:00
SABRE Awards Cocktail Reception
19:00 - 22:30