The conference and awards focus on the dramatic expansion in the perceived value of the communications and PR sectors, thanks to the events of the past two years.

13 October, 2022 (HKT/SGT)


08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:05
Welcome & Introduction
10:05 - 10:50
APAC’s New True DE&I Challenges Revealed
While DE&I is a key imperative for brands across APAC, it’s commonly understood that DE&I needs and priorities differ between countries. There is little understanding, however, about the true perceptions of DE&I value by individual market, between generations, and what matters most today to people across such a complex, constantly evolving region.  To help inform brands aiming to strike that optimal balance between commitment and actions on a global scale, and their relevance to individual stakeholders in APAC, FleishmanHillard’s True Global Intelligence unit has conducted research that reveals new insights into the widely varying DE&I definitions, gaps and agendas among specific geographies and population subgroups.  During this session, we will dig into organic market-by-market expectations around DE&I, compare and contrast what DE&I actions are most valued where, and highlight what drives stakeholder engagement most effectively with best-practice examples of these insights in action by leading brands.
10:50 - 11:10
From Data-Informed to Data-Driven: Five Ways Analytics can Help Your Communications Programme Today
Sophisticated analytics are no longer the preserve of big, paid media-centric marketing campaigns. With data from a range of sources more readily available than ever before, PR teams today have an abundance of powerful analytics tools and techniques at their fingertips. This short presentation will suggest some data-powered, real-world quick wins that communications pros can use to transform the ways they develop, deploy and evaluate campaigns.   
Zeno Group
11:10 - 11:30
Networking Break
11:30 - 12:15
Growth in The Quick Response Era: Asian Expansion

It may be some time until the world is completely free from COVID and we’re seeing many people and organizations shifting gears and learning to live with the virus. Asian companies arguably have the most experience operating under such conditions and many are taking the position that the show must go on.

On top of the health and safety concerns, global organizations are also now facing an economic downturn comparable to the recession of 2008.

Given the transformation that is necessary to succeed in such an environment, what are some of the concerns Asian companies have and are they any more challenging than what brands in other parts of the world might be facing?

Join us as Kenneth Hong, Executive Vice President, Client Experience at Weber Shandwick along with other panelists as they discuss what should C-suite executives in Asia be prioritizing in order to communicate their businesses’ messages to a wider audience and how communication strategies should evolve to work more effectively in such challenging times.

Weber Shandwick
12:15 - 12:35
The Future of Virtual Influence

The Metaverse. NFTs. Virtual humans. There’s no small amount of hype around these new forms of digital engagement, but how should brands use these tools to influence people effectively and with empathy?
Join us as Emily Poon, President, Ogilvy Public Relations Asia shares what brands should consider when strategizing the creation and adoption of Virtual Influencers as part of their digital communications programs.

12:35 - 13:20
Navigating Digital Reputation and Regulation
The digital world presents an ever-changing array of new ways to engage with our audiences, but with this continual change also comes risk, particularly for organisations operating in highly regulated environments. For communicators, the challenge is staying at the cutting edge, without plunging their business into peril. In this panel, strategic communications and public affairs consultancy, Sandpiper, will lead a discussion with senior representatives from the financial, healthcare, and technology industries about the challenges and opportunities for building reputation in a digital setting in highly regulated industries and avoiding the pitfalls.
13:20 - 14:00
Lunch Break + IN2 SABRE Awards Presentation
14:00 - 14:20
Why Effective Employee Engagement is Crucial to the Success of Sustainability Within Businesses

The success of any corporate sustainability strategy is dependent on taking employees on the journey with you, and effective internal communications and engagement is a key enabler of that success. Developing and launching a sustainability strategy means nothing if the people who you are expecting to implement it are not on board.   

This session will address why effective internal communications and engagement is so important to making corporate change happen; how to identify where your company is on the engagement curve; guiding principles for successful employee engagement; and how to answer the 'what's in it for me?' question often asked by employees.  

14:20 - 15:05
A New Era in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has exploded as businesses in Asia-Pacific work to future-proof themselves in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of communications continues to evolve, with technology revolutionizing how communications practitioners ply their trade. From MarTech and CommsTech to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many technologies relevant to audience engagement and experience have the potential to be game-changers for our industry.

In this session, we will explore how the role of communications within organizations has changed as a result of digital transformation in the region, as well as the need for communications functions to be made more digital ready, and what challenges and opportunities have been encountered by those on the journey.

15:05 - 15:25
Rise of Sustainability Comms in APAC
15:25 - 16:10
Closer Than Ever, or Worlds Apart? The Evolving Nature of the Client-Agency Relationship

What does the evolving nature of communications in Asia mean for the client-agency relationship? 

Communications has changed. Customer touch-points have shifted and omni-channel executions are now the norm. Great story-telling remains at the heart of what we do, but how we do it has evolved. 

And this evolution has accelerated over the past few years as brands have had to pivot their marketing strategies and find new ways to connect to their audiences. In response, agencies have upskilled and restructured to meet their clients’ needs now – and be ready for the future. 

But what does that mean for the client-agency relationship today? Is it stronger than ever, or fractured like never before? 

At the heart of this relationship lies the notion of shared value, where clients and agencies are able to define and measure the impact of their partnership. The most successful campaigns of the future will be defined by the strength of the client-agency partnership. This panel session will discuss how the relationship has evolved, how it will continue to change – and what each side needs from each other to drive future success.

16:10 - 16:15
Closing Remarks

13 October, 2022 (HKT/SGT)


18:30 - 19:15
Cocktail Reception
19:15 - 22:30
SABRE Awards Ceremony
The evening SABRE Awards ceremony will recognise:
Outstanding Individual Achievement
Young Changemaker
Consultancies of the Year
Best Consultancies to Work For
APACD Awards
Gold, Diamond & Platinum SABRE Awards for Industry Sectors, Practice Areas and Geographies.

Please note, Innovation (IN2) SABRE Awards winners will be honoured at lunchtime of the daytime Summit.